Healthcare Professionals at Son Llàtzer Hospital, Palma. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

Two floors at Son Llàtzer Hospital have been dedicated to coronavirus patients and the number of beds has doubled since Sunday.

19 patients are currently receiving treatment for Covid-19 at Son Llàtzer Hospital and internal sources say that a number of part-time employees are now working full-time.

Lack of staff because of annual leave may be one of the reasons the number of beds has doubled, because it would be easier for Healthcare Professionals to care for two patients in the same room.


Son Llàtzer nurses say they fear that Healthcare Personnel may become infected and warn that "there won’t be enough resources to cover us and the fatigue and exhaustion that we will suffer in a second wave of infections will take its toll.”

265 Healthcare Professionals are currently under surveillance, so they are unable to work.

“If the situation continues to grow it could result in a real lack of control,” said internal sources who also confirmed that some minors who are positive, asymptomatic and have other pathologies have been admitted to the Hospital.

Management said new measures will be applied at Son Llàtzer Hospital to combat a possible increase in cases requiring hospitalisation.