Police & Guardia Civil inspecting premises in Calvia. | Ultima Hora

The owners of two venues in Santa Ponsa are facing hefty fines for allegedly allowing people to use the dance floors in their premises.

The Leisure & Catering businesses were closed down by Calvia Local Police for not maintaining a safe distance between groups and providing 12-inch long straws so that one or more customers could drink from the same container.


The owner of a disco bar and restaurant in Palmanova has been cautioned that the premises may be closed for non-compliance with the regulations. A report has been made about the failure to respect social distancing between groups on the premises, staff not wearing their face masks properly and the lack of information about capacity and hours.

A report has also been drawn up for a beach bar where staff were not wearing face masks, lack of social distancing between tables and no information about the capacity of the premises.

Two other reports were issued for the owner and a client at a fast food establishment in Magalluf for not following the regulations.

Calvià Local Police, Guardia Civil Officers and Government Inspectors are carrying out weekend campaigns to make sure all health and safety measures are in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

10 reports have been drawn up by Police in recent days and 6 of them were in Santa Ponsa. 13 people were also fined for drinking in a car park.

5 teenagers were fined for not wearing their face masks properly after Residents of El Toro reported them to Police and 3 others were sanctioned in Magalluf for not wearing their masks properly and disrespecting authority.