Es Jonquet, Palma. archive photo. | M. Joy

Residents of es Jonquet are planning to stage a protest over the Special Protection Plan, or PEP for the neighbourhood.

"There are aspects that we oppose and we believe we will lose the opportunity to have the best possible plan,” says Pep Balaguer, President of the Neighbourhood Association.

The plan was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic and is now expected to be approved in mid-September or October after the General Directorate of Water Resources report is received.

“The health situation has had an impact, but we won’t give up," said Balaguer. "It’s difficult to convene a protest in the street, so we are thinking about what action we can take to be heard, before it is too late. The PEP is better than the 1985 PERI, but we don't just want a good plan, we want the best one possible.”

Residents are opposed to three points in the Special Protection Plan.

Firstly, they are demanding that Plaça del Vapor recover its old configuration open to the bay and the Molí d’en Carreres and have launched a petition to gather signatures.

Secondly, they are demanding the sociocultural use of the two mills in Llevant.

Thirdly, they are demanding that the views be protected, claiming that the housing development planned in the Rentadors area, which is the highest point in the neighbourhood, will have a huge impact and they're demanding that the houses "be built further back, towards Calle Sant Magí."

Face Masks

Carmen Soto, Vice President of the Neighbourhood Association claims not enough is being done to make sure people comply with the health protocols.

“The regulations are not being complied with, the area is overcrowded at night, hardly anyone wears a face mask and the Police never appear."