Spanish Royal Family in Petra. | Youtube: Ultima Hora

There's nothing like a Royal seal of approval to boost sales, but the good publicity that Queen Letizia was hoping to generate for a Majorcan designer during the Royal visit to the Balearic Islands appears to have backfired.

On a visit to Petra, Queen Letizia was carrying a red canvas bag printed with the traditional Majorcan Ikat design, but her fashion sense has been harshly criticised by Col·lectiu de Moda de Mallorca.

"They have sold it to all of Spain as a tribute to the crafts of Majorca and but the origin of the canvas printed bag is not known," insists Group President, Joana Borràs.

Queen Letizia in Petra.

The bag is reportedly from the company, FQ, which contributes money to cystic fibrosis research, but Borràs claims that the fabric was not manufactured in Majorca.

He also pointed out that there are only three linen looms in the world, that all of them are in Majorca and that they are fighting for survival because of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Spanish Royal Family in Petra.