Progreso En Verde campaign to stop horse exploitation. | Progreso en Verde

The Majorcan Progreso en Verde party has launched a National campaign with the motto, ’Tourist Save Me, End My Suffering' in a bid to stop the exploitation of horses used to pull tourist buggies and the party is also calling for them to be replaced with electric vehicles.

"Collecting signatures, letters to town halls, lawsuits and rallies will mark the roadmap to achieving the goal of freeing horses from their cruel exploitation and make tourists aware of the harsh treatment suffered by carriage horses,” said Party President, Guillermo Amengual. "They are forced to make a great physical effort, carry more passengers than allowed, are skeletal, thirsty and fainting in the summer temperatures that sometimes exceed 40 degrees."

Progreso en Verde has accused the buggy owners of violating laws, ordinances and regulations “in the face of the shameful passivity of Institutions,” saying “this practice has no place in a modern, civilised country."

The party says it has already obtained the support of around 20 organisations and animal defence groups that support the campaign to stop the exploitation of these horses.

“It breaks your soul to see the horses working in hot sun for hours and hours, exhausted, thirsty and barely able to stand,” said Amengual, who accused the buggy owners of cruelty.

“When one of them faints from heat stroke it gets hit until it gets up,” he claimed.