A thief who allegedly brutally beat up his neighbour in the La Soledat district of Palma has been arrested.

On Tuesday the victim heard a loud noise in the inner courtyard of his property in Carrer Rector Petro and when he went to investigate he was surprised by a man who allegedly kicked him in the chest, beat him up and scratched his face several times.

The suspect reportedly dropped his wallet when he fled through the front door into a parallel street and it was picked up by a neighbour who had witnessed the alleged attack. When the accused realised that he had lost his wallet he allegedly returned to the house and attacked the victim a second time.

National Police officers who were deployed to the scene say the victim, who is in his 60s and is ill, had injuries all over his body and was bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth. He was treated by SAMU-061 emergency personnel and his neighbour, who had managed to check the suspect’s ID in his wallet, gave that information and a description to police.

The suspect was apprehended and transferred to the psychiatric ward at ​​Son Espases Hospital after reportedly trying to commit suicide in the cells at Police Headquarters.

An officer who was guarding the suspect says he intervened after seeing the detainee trying to cut himself.