Tourists on the beach in Majorca. | C. Zelinski

Only around 50 tourists have tested positive for coronavirus whilst on holiday in the Balearic Islands, but it’s not known whether they contracted the disease here or were already sick when they arrived.

Dr Arranz, Spokesperson for the Regional Committee of Covid-19 has confirmed 20 cases in Majorca, 16 in Ibiza and 11 in Formentera and said some tourists have also tested positive in Minorca but the exact number is not yet known.

Some of the cases are domestic tourists and no outbreaks have been linked to foreign tourists.

He also stressed that there have been no infections at hotels or vacation homes and attributed that to their strict compliance with all health and safety protocols.

Dr Arranz pointed out that there has been hardly any Covid-19 transmission amongst tourists despite the fact that there is Community transmission in the Balearic Islands.