2020 470 Class European Championship Cancelled. archive photo. | EFE

The 2020 470 Class European Championship which was due to be held at Club Náutic s’Arenal in Palma between October 2 and October 10 has been cancelled because of coronavirus.

“Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the new wave of cases in Europe, especially in Spain and France, the Class 470 Steering Committee has determined that the European Open 2020 Championship cannot be held in a 100% safe manner and with the desired level of participation,” said an official note from the International Association of the Olympic Class 470.

“Class 470 and the organiser of Club Nàutic S'Arenal event cannot guarantee the development of the event due to the rapidly evolving local and national travel restrictions and warnings for the Island of Majorca, therefore, the European Championship is officially cancelled and will not be replaced by another event on an alternative date or place in 2020. Now we will wait for the 2021 season,” it states.

“We deeply regret making this announcement,” said the Association, “the Management Committee considered all possible options and deliberated thoroughly on the best interests of Class 470 as a whole and we are grateful for the added time given to us by the 470 sports community to make this decision."

Special thanks were expressed to the organisers of the 2020 events for all their help and cooperation and progress is being made on a long list of actions that can be taken between now and the end of this year to improve class activity before the 2021 competition calendar begins.