Posidonia meadows in Majorca. archive photo. | Manu San Felix

The Environmental Group, GOB, has reported several boats to the Emergency 112 Service and Environment Agents for allegedly dropping anchor in prohibited areas.

The GOB claims it has evidence of boats anchored on posidònia meadows in Cap de Cala Figuera in Calvia and Colònia de Sant Pere in Arta.

"Today from St Peter's Colony we have reported an anchorage on Posidonia to 112. In order to stop this type of action being commonplace we must continue to raise awareness in society. Your collaboration is essential!" tweeted the GOB.

Sos Posidònia Menorca has publicly denounced the anchoring of boats on posidònia in Sa Mesquida in Mahón and environmentalists also protested because there was a possibility of anchoring on empty sand and said “there seems to be no surveillance.”

In July 2018, the Governing Council approved a decree for the conservation of 'posidònia oceanica' in the Balearic Islands, which prohibits boats from anchoring on the posidònia meadows that stretch across 650 square kilometres in the Balearic Islands.

The Environment Ministry’s Posidònia Monitoring Service operates 5 vessels in Mallorca, 5 in Formentera, 3 in Ibiza and 2 in Minorca between June and September.

Last year 121,245 actions were carried out; in some cases captains were given information and told about the ban on dropping anchor on posidònia, other cases involved verification of anchorage and 8,504 required the relocation of boats.