Balearic health minister, Patricia Gómez, speaking on Friday.

The Balearic health minister, Patricia Gómez, said on Friday that more restrictions could be approved because the health service is being stretched by the rise in the number of coronavirus infections. The health service is "prepared", but this may not be enough, as she anticipated an increase in the number of hospital admissions and of fatalities.

Gómez called on young people to comply with the health security measures. She also noted that many outbreaks are occurring on bar and restaurant terraces, so stressed that masks must be worn before food and drink is served and after it has been consumed. If there is not compliance, she warned, "we will have to introduce more restrictions". She reiterated her appeal for the public to limit social contact as much as possible.

On Friday, Gómez held a meeting with the director-general of IB-Salut, Juli Fuster, and with hospital, primary care and 061 emergency ambulance service managers. They discussed the evolution of the pandemic, with Fuster explaining that certain wards have already been set aside for coronavirus patients. For intensive care units, this has not yet been necessary. Over the past 24 hours, there has been a rise in the number of people being admitted to hospital. If the current trend continues, the situation as it was in May will be repeated.

Fuster added that doctors are complaining about the public's lack of responsibility and suggested that if this doesn't change, a new confinement will have to be considered.

At Son Espases, three units have been opened, while one unit has been opened at both the Hospital General and Son Llàtzer. The aim is to reach a capacity of 1,400 beds for coronavirus patients. At present, there are under 100. The problem is not opening units but finding staff. Fuster explained that the health workforce has been increased by 900 since May, but many staff are on holiday at present, while there are also some who have had to isolate.

Asked about the return to school, Gómez said that the national ministry of health has contacted her and told her that there will be "common rules" for schools.