Some aid to be made available to Palma's small businesses.

23-08-2020Teresa Ayuga

From the second half of September, small businesses in Palma will be able to apply for financial assistance from the town hall. This will be up to 9,000 euros per case, with payments scheduled to be made before the end of October.

The councillor for economic development and employment, Rodrigo Romero, says that over one million euros are to be made available to help small businesses and the self-employed who had to close during the state of alarm and suffered a fall in turnover of at least 75% between March and May.

The town hall subventions are intended to provide liquidity to businesses affected by the pandemic. These businesses will include street traders who suffered because some municipal markets had to close. The subventions will also give specific assistance to businesses with employees who have been brought back from ERTE terms or who have been given new contracts. Romero explains that as well as there being aid which has an emphasis on maintaining local businesses, there is special emphasis on maintaining employment.

The amount of financial help will depend on the situation of each business. A starting-point will be 2,500 euros for businesses which had to close because of the state of alarm. Depending on the nature of employees' contracts, this could rise to the maximum of 9,000 euros.

Romero says that the assistance represents "an extraordinary effort by the town hall to alleviate, as much as possible, the worst effects of the pandemic".


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Rich / Hace about 1 year

so it will all go straight back to the government in postponed autonomo payments.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Something is better than nothing, but this is a slap in the face of small businesses. And now all these extra costs of screens, gels, sanitizers, max amount of people in a shop or building, AND no tourists. All thanks to the "great visionaries" governing Palma and the Balearics.

But, Palma town hall will soon find out, what all this craziness and bad governing has caused. More and more "se traspaso" or "se alquila" sign and graffiti covered roller blinds in the streets of Palma and beyond. And this is just the beginning.