Residencia Sant Miquel, Palma. | Jaume Morey

The number of positive coronavirus cases at Nursing Homes for the elderly in Majorca has gone from 1 to 23 in the last 3 weeks and more than doubled in the last week, according to the Ministry of Health.

18 Healthcare Professionals are infected and 132 residents have been isolated because of the risk of contagion at the three Nursing Homes on the Island.

According to Government data, 89 people have died in Residences for the elderly and 2,598 have overcome the disease.

The Vice President of Social Services, Pablo Iglesias, has convened a Nursing Homes working group on Monday to report on the scope of the Covid-19 outbreaks and the needs or difficulties they face.

They will also discuss the coordination mechanisms established with the health authorities to address the situation at Residential Social Centres, look at how to adapt the Early Response Plan to other social services and update the recommendations developed in the first wave.

A resident at the Ca l’Ardiaca Centre tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday and 9 other residents who were in the same room have been isolated and given PCR tests.