Young people on the beach in Palma in July.

Young people on the beach in Palma in July.

30-07-2020Pedro Prieto/EFE

Palma's beaches may be closed overnight as a precaution due to the increase in coronavirus infections.

The Federation of Neighbourhood Associations of Palma argues that people are being irresponsible and is calling on the City Council to introduce “clearer, stronger and more restrictive measures” to deal with the increase in coronavirus cases, claiming that the current ones “lack effectiveness and objectivity.”

Federation President, Joan Forteza, has written to Palma Mayor, José Hila, asking that the beaches at Can Pere Antoni, Ciudad Jardín, El Peñón and Playa de Palma be closed from 21:00 until 08:00 a for two weeks to avoid crowding, celebrations and illegal drinking.

"Despite the numerous complaints made by citizens, the Local Police either do not act or do so very timidly and without positive results,” claim the Neighbourhood Associations.

They also want Palma City Council to approves an urgent instruction decree to specify "clearly and efficiently" how Municipal Police should control public spaces during coronavirus outbreaks, especially on the terraces of bars and restaurants, after Health Minister, Patricia Gómez revealed that "terraces are one of the places where there are more breaches of health protools.”

The Neighbourhood Associations insist that these two measures be accompanied by a campaign to clean and disinfect the streets and squares of the city to eliminate the virus.


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Nigel Stack / Hace about 1 year

Surely the obvious thing is a lack of enforcement by the police or lack of them maybe more to the point. There appeared to be lots of police patrols during lockdown now we hardly see a police car from one day to the next along the Playa de Palma beach. And they wonder why the virus is on the increase is the law does nothing to stop groups of people gathering.


Tim / Hace about 1 year

If they close the beaches then party groups will head for the woods and then there is a very high risk of bush fires. Come on put a little bit of thought into it, put some extra beach guards to regulate the crowds on the beach at night, it will be much cheaper than trying to put out a wild fire with hundreds of firemen etc......


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace about 1 year

This is what you should have done a few months ago and not now when nearly every tourist has been sent home or is even not allowed to travel to Mallorca. You can thank all these youngsters who have put their own Island in a situation like totay :closure of tourist season in August If tourism is so important how can it be that you let this happen Shame on you Mallorcan government