Showers possible this coming weekend. | Jaume Morey

Aemet reports that high temperatures will continue for much of the country until Friday, when the met agency is forecasting that there will be a generalised drop in temperatures.

In Majorca, highs of 36C are expected on Wednesday, while in parts of the mainland and in the Canaries they will be up to 40C. The cause will be very warm air from Africa. Temperatures in the east and south of the mainland and in the Balearics and the Canaries will be between five and ten degrees higher than the average for the time of year. In some Mediterranean coastal areas there could be mist and fog banks on Tuesday and Wednesday. Aemet describes these as "radiation fogs" that are caused by nighttime surface cooling.

On Thursday, rain is forecast for the northwest of Spain and storms for the Pyrenees. Friday will bring unsettled conditions. Showers could be locally strong in the north and east of the mainland and in the Balearics, with a considerable drop in temperature.

Local weather stations in Majorca are currently forecasting showers for the weekend as well.