Street disinfection in sa Pobla.

Street disinfection in sa Pobla.

24-08-2020Ultima Hora

Several municipalities in the Part Forana have started disinfecting public streets again to fight the increase in Covid-19 cases in recent weeks, as recommended by the Minister of Health.

Tractors, Brigades, Police, Volunteers and Civil Protection Personnel are back in action in Alaró, Ariany, Campanet, Campos, Lloseta, Santa Maria del Camí, Sineu and Son Servera.

The disinfection operation in Inca and sa Pobla, which hasn’t stopped since the State of Emergency ended has been intensified in the last week and Lloseta also began intensive daily street cleaning on Monday.

Residents of Selva, Consell and Sant Joan have been asked to clean their doorways with bleach at night.

The Ministry of Health's recommendation was transmitted to all Mayors in Majorca through the Federation of Local Entities of the Balearics, or FELIB at a meeting attended by the Director of Public Health, Maria Antònia Font, and the Director of Ibsalut, Juli Fuster.

FELIB President, Antoni Salas has also received a demand to increase police surveillance to confirm compliance with health and security measures.

Lack of resources

Antoni Salas acknowledged that some Mayors have complained about a lack of resources.

"Not all Municipalities have one or more brigades available to clean and disinfect streets, playgrounds and sports facilities," he said.

That means volunteers will be crucial to help with disinfection, as they were during the State of Emergency. Antoni Salas made it clear that "all Mayors appreciate the invaluable help of Volunteers, Civil Protection Personnel and Farmers."

The beginning of the harvest and the return to the ‘new normal’ in the Primary Sector is making it difficult for the tractor drivers to participate in some areas of the Raiguer.

Police Surveillance

Salut has asked the Municipalities to increase Police surveillance to enforce the health and security measures but FELIB admits it may be difficult to find extra Officers to do that.


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JohnG / Hace about 1 year

This Government can ALWAYS find money when it comes to wasting it !

It can close places down, dish out fines and then always finds some money to throw away

0\10 for competence

Spend the money of ridding abandoned vehicles from the streets, then fine the owners


john reeves / Hace about 1 year

What is needed? Tests on Spanish nationals coming to Mallorca. More mask wearing. Test and trace. Social distancing. Washing hands. Effective policing. It is all quite simple stuff. Chlorine on the streets is like pouring money down the drain - literally.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Having hunted high and low and searching the WHO Covid guidance, there is scant evidence that the virus can be transmitted through foot traffic from the road. Dousing streets in bleach is a waste of time and is environmentally unfriendly to say the least. If people think this is an appropriate action to stem the rise in infections then they’re misguided. It might seem like a positive action and some might say at least it’s something. What’s needed is a major messaging campaign, to the young especially. I’m seeing and hearing nothing around my town except many youngsters with no masks.