Covid-19 Centre, Can Valero, Majorca. | Ultima Hora

Hospitals in Majorca are preparing for the increase in positive coronavirus cases in the Balearic Islands, although the situation is not the same as it was at the beginning of April.

Son Espases Hospital

Internal sources at Son Espases Hospital say the four units dedicated to coronavirus patients and the suspect cases unit are not saturated. The Son Espases Crisis Committee meets three times a week to assess the situation and says operations will be rescheduled if the situation gets worse, but so far that’s not been necessary.

Hospital visits are restricted to one person for a non-Covid-19 patient and no visitors for patients who are diagnosed positive.

Son Llàtzer Hospital

Things have calmed down a little at Son Llàtzer Hospital after the chaos caused by an increase in coronavirus admissions last Friday and sources say beds can be doubled up in some rooms if necessary.

Two floors at the hospital and the short-stay observation area at Son Llàtzer Hospital are now dedicated to coronavirus patients and new measures, such as limiting travel to the hospital by staff and restricting the number of people allowed to visit patients were announced last week to combat an increase in cases.

Inca County Hospital

The number of beds in the ICU at Inca County Hospital has been increased from 4 to 6 in anticipation of new admissions and operations will be rescheduled if there’s an increase in positive Covid-19 admissions.

Manacor Hospital

A contingency plan called ‘Re-escalation’ is in place at Manacor Hospital to respond to the increase in positive cases. The number of beds reserved for coronavirus patients has been increased from 4 to 9 and there are also 17 beds in the ‘Covid plant’ on the third floor. There are no plans to reschedule or cancel operations at Manacor Hospital and internal consultations are carrying on as normal according to hospital sources.

Anyone who enters the hospital has their temperature taken and only one person is allowed to visit a patient in the hospital.

Chiron health

Clinica Rotger and Quirónsalud Palmaplanas Hospital say they are maintaining a "flexible" structure, keeping an eye on the pandemic and will adapt resources if necessary. Cleaning has been stepped up and all devices and signage has been arranged to respect social distancing.

Quirónsalud has also introduced separate circuits in emergency services to protect people with respiratory diseases.

PCR tests are performed on all patients admitted to the hospital and on patients having operations at both Centres.

Juaneda Group

The two hospitals in the Juaneda group are operating as normal whilst preparing for a possible second wave of infections and S.A.E Union Representatives say meetings are being held to assess and analyse the situation in the face of a possible rise in Covid-19 cases.

The union is also proposing that one hospital be used exclusively for coronavirus positive patients and another for other patients, as happened during the first wave of outbreaks. They also confirmed that Juaneda's hospitals have sufficient human and technical materials at both Centres.