Es Pinaret, where there was a disturbance on Saturday night. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Around 21.45 on Saturday night, a call was received by the 112 emergency number from the Es Pinaret youth reform centre in Palma. The call requested the assistance of the Guardia Civil, as a group of inmates had provoked a disturbance and were attacking security guards and threatening staff.

Three security guards, with helmets and shields, went to the kitchen, where there are stairs to the roof. Two other guards were at the main gate, aware of there having been previous escapes. Three inmates (aged 15,17 and 18) were clinging to the mast with the Dome surveillance camera. The three threatened to kill the guards and shouted that if the guards tried to prevent them from escaping, they would "go after" their daughters. The three then jumped over the wall into an area outside the compound.

One guard confronted them. They hurled stones at him and again threatened that they would kill him. He was punched on the back of the neck, which left him dazed and disoriented. He was later taken to a PAC for medical treatment.

The Guardia Civil arrested a fourth inmate who had been involved in the disturbance and had attempted to escape.

The National Police have joined the Guardia Civil in the search for the three, who are described as being very dangerous and violent.

The social affairs minister, Fina Santiago, went to the centre on Monday to find out what had happened.