Smoking banned in public places in Majorca. | Jaume Morey

Smoking in the street, on the beach, on terraces, in parks and in any other public space in the Balearic Islands is banned from Friday, August 28 and anyone caught having a quick puff will be fined 100 euros.

Not wearing a face mask is also punishable with a 100 euro fine, but the penalty for other sanctions such as breaking the limit of 10 people in groups of friends or relatives has yet to be announced.

Local Police

The sanctions will be imposed by Local Police, who are also monitoring the use of face masks and according to Government figures, several hundred people have already been fined for not wearing one.

The President of the Government, Francina Armengol, held a videoconference with Mayors from the Island on Thursday to ask for their collaboration to make sure the new regulations are followed.

From Friday masks must be worn in the workplace and capacity at bars and restaurants is limited to 50%.

Armengol explained to the Mayors that the entire population must help stem the spread of Covid-19 by being responsible. She also thanked them for increasing disinfection work and stepping up inspections in their Municipalities.