The Guardia Civil in Inca are in charge of the case. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A Pollensa police officer has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in connection with an assault on a motorcycle rider in July.

On the nineteenth of last month, there was an illegal motorcycle race at the industrial estate in Pollensa. Two police officers, who had gone to the scene, stopped a motorcyclist, who then rode straight at them.

Intercepted by another police patrol, the 18-year-old rider lost control of the bike and fell to the ground. He was arrested by one of the officers, who put handcuffs on him. This officer, aged 45, then kicked the 18-year-old's head twice; he was wearing a helmet. The other officer in the patrol car told his colleague to stop, and he did.

The Guardia Civil arrested the officer on Wednesday. He was accused of an alleged offence of torture. He was charged and then released.