Ibiza. | Wendy Wighton Urquhart

An International gang of drug traffickers based in Ibiza and allegedly run by a DJ has been busted by the Guardia Civil.

21 suspects were arrested in Ibiza, Barcelona and Girona during simultaneous raids on 8 premises and homes during operation Pertinax.

Police say they confiscated 8 kilos of ketamine and ecstasy, 38 kilos of dried marijuana buds, 4,500 plants from four different plantations.

They also seized computer and electronic equipment, documents, 45,000 euros in cash and a vehicle with a false bottom which was allegedly used to transport drugs between the Peninsula and Ibiza.

An investigation was launched in October last year after a group of people living in the Balearic Islands were allegedly spotted trafficking synthetic drugs such as ketamine and methamphetamine-MDMA.

45 kilos of ecstasy and 13 kilos of ketamine was allegedly found hidden in the luggage of drug ‘mules’ en route from the Balearic Islands to Miami in America.

Once the alleged dealers were identified, a joint working team was established with Homeland Security in the US, which led to the arrest of three people in Miami and the seizure of 15 kilos of MDMA and 14 kilos of liquid ketamine.

At the same time, one person was arrested in Barcelona with 18 kilos of MDMA in pills and a person from Ibiza was detained in Palma with 14.5 kilos of MDMA.

The DJ suspected of leading the trafficking gang has also been accused of drug distribution and money laundering.