The increase in unemployment compared with July was just over 2,000. | Jaume Morey


Unemployment in the Balearics at the end of August was 73,753. This was 89.88% higher than the same month last year and 3.08% higher than in July. Between July and August, the number of unemployed increased by 2,206, while by comparison with last August the rise was 34,912.

Figures from the national ministry of employment indicate that the average number of workers who were registered with social security in August was 513,335. This was 12.85% lower than in August last year but was up just over one per cent compared with July. As for workers on ERTE terms, there were 58,801 in August. These represented 11.4% of all workers registered with social security.

Nationally, there were 3,802,814 unemployed last month. This was a rise of 29,780, which was the smallest August increase since 2016. Last year, the increase in August was 54,371. August is a month when unemployment does typically rise.

Since August last year, the number of unemployed in Spain has increased by 737,010.