Francina Armengol, President of the Government at meeting.

Francina Armengol, President of the Government at meeting.

02-09-2020M. À. Cañellas

The President of the Government, Francina Armengol, is expected to announce new coronavirus restrictions on Thursday.

With the increasing number of outbreaks in the last few days there are several possibilities, including new measures for Nursing Homes and movement restrictions for some neighbourhoods of Palma.

The meeting with Health Ministers will take place at Consolat de Mar after President Armengol outlines the Government’s strategy at the PSIB's parliamentary session.

The Majorca Daily Bulletin will publish the latest information as soon as it's available.


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Hazel / Hace about 1 year

We are due to visit Majorca in October 2020 but are from 4 different households, 11 people altogether and staying in 1 villa, is this allowed?


Jean HRAB / Hace about 1 year

we are planning to visit mallorca in october, from Canada, what are the guidelines ?


Gabriel / Hace about 1 year

How would that change anything?


rich / Hace about 1 year

why are masks not free? I am epileptic and i get 95% discount off my medication. Surely covid is more dangerous? Or is there a tidy little profit being made somewhere? Given the horrendous economic situation upon us how can you expect the population to finance the government's sanctions. Starve or get a new mask, i know what I'd do.


Rich / Hace about 1 year

what is the age of the fatalities? Just numbers mean nothing. And did those who died have pre existing poor health? Why is statistical analysis being kept from us? If anything this is an example of the governments disregard towards the population and assumption that we cannot think for ourselves. This is the end of open government and the beginning of an autocratic government based on their assumed superiority over the average person.