Palma, Majorca.

Palma, Majorca. archive photo.


A new Resolution allowing Public Health to intervene in neighbourhoods and Municipalities in the Balearic Islands for 15 days to curb the transmission of coronavirus will be approved by the Government Council on Monday, according to the President of the Government, Francina Armengol.

She said the Government has been working on three new measures to try to stop transmission within the community and protect the population.

The measures include, limiting public and private meetings to 5 people; carrying out diagnostic tests in districts and Municipalities, greater involvement in Communities and the introduction of neighbourhood curfews.

The Health Department will have the power to determine which measures are applied and the severity of the restrictions may be different in each area depend on the coronavirus health situation.

Health Minister, Patricia Gómez, acknowledged that the measures currently in place in the Balearic Islands are very demanding.

The 15 Municipalities most affected are Palma, Valldemossa, Santa Maria, Inca, Deya, Esporles, Marratxí, Alaró, Binissalem, Banyalbufar, Llucmajor, Ibiza Town, Sant Antòni, Ciutadella and Sant Lluís.


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vikings / Hace about 1 year




Nigel / Hace about 1 year

I think they allowed the peninsulares in to pay for their mistakes, as no Germans or Brits were biting the carrot. Now the holiday season has ended, the peninsulares have returned, and everywhere is empty. We have more cases than at the outset, and they want more restrictions. Why. The problem has gone, CV19 will filter down, but the unemployed will filter up. It is time for the government to look after those who it neglected, not attack those who have kept the economy going. We will surely see in the next month new cases diminishing, and the UK hopefully will drop its quarantine. Then they might get the confidence of northern Europe peoples to return to these shores. Sorry about the length of above.


Leo / Hace about 1 year

To get the virus under control everywhere it is best to limit travel not only from other countries but also the peninsula. Otherwise the same is likely to happen next year . This winter will be very difficult for many who in the tourist industry ,with a very shot season on minimum pay.


Rich / Hace about 1 year

there are two issues to be dealt with here. 1. The number of deaths. 2. The number of ICU beds that are needed. If both these numbers are low then we have to view covid as a condition under control to an acceptable. We must discount all asymptomatic cases. More tests will always lead to more positive results. This obsession with totally wiping out covids existence is the dream of the mentally challenged.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

This sort of news, that local politicians (the kind that cannot achieve anything, so they went into politics) can now maybe decide about these sort of far going measures to limit freedom of movement, is really starting to make me think if I want to live in this country much longer. I know quite a few families that have left, after what they experienced with the lock down and the crazy way it was implemented and controled. In June, a lot of people thought it was all over. But no, let´s go crazy again, as we have not learned anything from the March-June lock down phase, which made no difference at all in the end, except extend the whole corona virus period. I now know how the people in North Korea must feel.


compo / Hace about 1 year

Three EJ flights/days from Gatwick to Palma and back at the moment. So, assuming they were able to quarantine, would the good readers of this paper advise Brits to still visit now or to stay away until next year?

Ps serious question...…


liz / Hace about 1 year

Why do they have to have so much red tape around these new measures. The Balearics have got to move swiftly if they are to reduce the alarming number of infections. Implementing the new measures now may save lives, instead they arrange a meeting on Thursday and then further wait for implementation on Monday, I’m sure people are well aware of what may happen so it’s not going to be a surprise . In the U.K. we have Local lockdowns as soon as numbers rise, I think that is why we are getting fewer cases, at least now our government are managing to control the virus.