Friday's videoconference of regional presidents.


During a Friday videoconference of regional presidents, Francina Armengol asked Prime Minister Sánchez for priority in the distribution of European funds to be given to the Balearics. The national plan, she said, should help regions most affected by the pandemic, and the Balearics is one of these regions.

Speaking about the meeting of the so-called social dialogue table in Palma, Armengol valued the willingness of the Spanish government to extend ERTE "until it is necessary". The islands face a "very difficult winter", while next year's tourism season will depend on external factors, such as there being a vaccine. For this reason, she stressed, "projects for European funds" need to be agreed quickly.

Armengol also pressed for a relaxation of regional government spending rules and for increasing the deficit and debt.

Regarding the evolution of the pandemic in the Balearics, Armengol explained measures being taken, saying that the Balearics is one of the regions where most testing is being carried out and where there are the most tracers, with members of the army having now been incorporated.


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Ec / Hace about 1 year

Will they then be helping the people who don't receive ERTE. Myself and many others have been left high and dry by this government through this whole pandemic. They have totally let us down and have absolutely no idea just how hard this winter will be, it's a disgrace, they are a disgrace


Rich / Hace about 1 year

it's ok guys shes a socialist, everything will be just grows on trees and unicorns fart gold.