A Guardia Civil helicopter is being used at beaches.

05-09-2020Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil's role in management of the pandemic in Majorca goes beyond law enforcement. While the force is checking on the likes of parks and making sure that they are closed when they should be and ensuring that there are no drinking parties going on, it is also playing an advisory role. An example of this is that a Guardia helicopter is being used to fly over beaches so that officers can issue reminders to beachgoers - through loud hailers - of requirements. With measures changing as often they seem to be, the advice can be necessary.

The force is in constant contact with mayors in order to coordinate services and actions with local police. There is particular liaison with the health service, the Guardia Civil having created the post of a police health contact for coordination with IB-Salut and the College of Doctors. This is in order to ensure control at health centres and hospitals, if this necessary.

Visits to care homes, which were being carried out during the state of alarm, have been stepped up, while officers are also checking on isolated properties, especially ones where elderly people live. There are periodic visits in order to check that people are ok, as some of them might otherwise not have any other contacts.


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Sara O. / Hace about 1 year

Having lived through years of Franco’s dictatorship I agree with Mark. Those who came to live in Spain later than 1975 can really have no idea what those years were like.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Read the book "from an island you cannot flea" by the author Schalenkamp. It is however only available in spanish and dutch. It is an witness account of the murders that took place here in 1937-1939, written up from interviews by people who lived to tell the tale, based on a very detailed time frame of the actual events that happened these years. I have been asked to actually translate this book into english, but so far have not done so. If you were to read this book, you would understand my comment.


Harry / Hace about 1 year

Mark, please tell us more about the GC’s “black” history during the time Franco was in power, or are you just talking due to heresay ?.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Although I am not a great fan of the institution, mainly as they appear untouchable and seem very difficult to hold accountable, I do have great respect for a lot the GC does. Border controls, animals protection, drug raids, etc. What I do not get is why the National Police and the GC have not been incorporated into one, transparently lead force. As I know a lot of (Spanish) that really uncomfy with anything to do with the GC, related to their very black history in the Franco days. Evenso, I do think that the work they do is very necessary and effective.