Testing lines have been set up by the old Son Dureta Hospital.


The regional health ministry is to create a further ten "Covid-Express" testing lines. There are currently two in front of what was the emergencies wing at the old Son Dureta Hospital in Palma. There will be two more at Son Dureta, four in other parts of Palma and two in both Inca and Manacor. The locations have yet to be determined, but they should all be operational within a fortnight.

Each line has the capacity to carry out a hundred tests per day. The "industrialisation" of testing, to quote a document from the health ministry, will mean that the lines are open twelve hours a day, seven days a week. These lines will ease the strain on demand for testing at health centres.

On average, 3,000 tests per day are at present being carried out. The increased capacity offered by these "express lines" is being complemented by the use of two Blood Bank buses which have been converted into mobile testing units.

On a separate matter, the ministry has informed health centres that at the moment it has at least four months' worth of Covid-related medical supplies, which have been distributed to various IB-Salut storage facilities.


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Jere / Hace about 1 year

Regarding the 18-09-2020 "Covid Express" testing article, is their further information available as to how to make an appointment (phone #)? Is there a cost? And if so, does one's regular Spanish insurance cover it? I see you can also call Clinica Rotger where the same questions need answering. Thank you. We enjoy reading TMDB very much.


James / Hace about 1 year

So by going a getting a faulty PCR test which will probably test positive. They can just over exaggerate cases not give a look at hospitalizations or deaths and take away more of our freedoms and choices. Can't wait I'll be first in line in the morning😂 Somebody likened to me Mallorca to North Korea.