Increased interest in obtaining boating licences.


The manager of the Escuela del Mar in Palma, Carlos Petisco, says that since the state of alarm de-escalation there has been a 100% increase in courses for navigation licences (known as "titulín") and a 25% rise in certificates for recreational boat skippers.

Figures from the regional government's maritime transport directorate indicate that a total of 1,471 qualifications have been issued - both new ones and renewals. Of these, 1,029 correspond to the certificate for recreational boat skippers. The director-general, Xavier Ramis, explains that because of the pandemic the same numbers as in previous years will not be reached. However, he is surprised at quite how many there have been for recreational boat skippers, as they are close to those in 2016. The certificate allows navigation of boats of up to fifteen metres length and within a maximum radius of twelve miles from the coast.

For the navigation licences, these are for small boats. "They are available to anyone and at an affordable price," notes Petisco. Ramis adds that they don't require many hours of study for being able to skipper boats with low-power engines that cannot go further than three miles from the coast.

José María Jiménez, the president of the nautical charter association in the Balearics, says that there was an increase in hiring activity in July and August, especially among Spanish clients. "All these years it has been believed that this type of activity is elite. The fact is that each time that the rates go down, it becomes a more affordable recreation, especially if the cost is divided among a group. People have opened their eyes and seen that it is a question of healthy tourism."


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