The rain may also have influenced the delays.

07-09-2020Miquel À. Cañellas

The management of the EMT bus service in Palma says that the first morning of industrial action by drivers resulted in delays of between twenty and thirty minutes. These delays may also have been influenced by the heavy rain.

According to the management, 90 of the 160 buses which should have been on the road between 8am and 10am were not. One in four drivers was not working, a figure disputed by the works committee; it says that there was almost 100% support for the strike. Spokesperson for the committee, Andrés Cepas, described as "outrageous, an attempt at "intimidation", claiming that eight vans of National Police officers were sent to garages, when there hadn't been "any incident".

The EMT managing director, Mateu Marcús, said that it was "disappointing" that some unions were showing a lack of empathy with the "reality" facing the majority of companies and workers at the current time.

Further stoppages are planned for Wednesday and Friday, with an indefinite strike from Monday being a possibility.


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