Cotylorhiza tuberculata jellyfish.

Cotylorhiza tuberculata jellyfish.


The Cotylorhiza tuberculata jellyfish is really common in Majorca, especially in late summer and early autumn.

It belongs to the phylum Cnidaria species and has been nicknamed the 'fried egg' jellyfish because of its shape and colour. The adults are usually around 35cm in diameter but they can grow as big as 50cm.

Its sting is harmless to humans, although it has been known to cause hives in some people.

This ‘fried egg’ jellyfish was spotted in Peguera at the weekend by Alberto Mallorca who’s uploaded his photos and video to Instagram.

“Beautiful, delicate jellyfish and it likes to pose on Saturdays,” says Alberto. “They say that it is harmless, but I won’t be the one to check that.”


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