Miguel Jerez and Marga Prohens (archive image).


The two Congress deputies for the Partido Popular in the Balearics, Miguel Jerez and Marga Prohens, are calling for greater health protection for National Police officers who have to deal with migrants who arrive by boat.

In registering a series of questions in Congress, they refer to a request from the National Police Confederation for improvements to the health protection protocols. The PP deputies say that after migrants are detained, they are sent on a "pilgrimage" through various public facilities, including health centres. There is, therefore, a risk from possible contagion.

Jerez and Prohens note that the security forces in the Balearics have previously demanded health measures and protocols, such as keeping those who are detained in a specific place until they are tested for contagion. (It is the Guardia Civil who detain migrants before handing them over to the National Police.)

Questions registered with Congress cover the number of migrants who have arrived in the Balearics since March (when the state of alarm was declared); how many migrants have been tested; how many have been placed in quarantine after testing positive; and the adequacy of areas for this quarantine.


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