Son Gotleu, Palma. | P. Pellicer


Now that the Health Department has the power to tighten restrictions in specific areas, neighbourhoods or Municipalities where Covid-19 infections are high, Son Gotleu is under the spotlight.

Palma City Council insists there are no plans to tighten restrictions there at the moment and Health Minister Patricia Gómez says the decision will depend on a number of factors.

“The risk of transmission, the number of hospital admissions, if there’s community transmission, if there are areas where it’s difficult to isolate, if there are large groups of people in the streets and if there are a lot of playgrounds," are some of the issues being considered, she said.

The Department of Health is also trying to analyse what causes cases to spiral in some Municipalities and not in others.

"Making these decisions is difficult and it may seem like we don’t care but we have families, jobs and friends too,” said Minister Gómez. “Each of these measures is very painful, you have to reflect, think and plan very well.”