Four Palma neighbourhoods in isolation from Friday.

Four Palma neighbourhoods in isolation from Friday.

09-09-2020Ultima Hora

New isolation restrictions will be introduced in the Palma neighbourhoods of Can Capes, La Soledat Nord, Son Gotleu and part of Son Canals from 22:00 on Friday and last for two weeks.

People can still move around within their own neighbourhood but can only leave to go to work or school or to care for dependents.

The lockdown is a real blow for businesses in the area, some of which are already hanging by a thread financially.

“The measures seem excessive to me and if this continues I don't know what will happen to the business. Our clientele has decreased by 30%-40% and I am really angry” says Son Gotleu gym owner, José Francisco Alabarca.

Jamal Azar, who owns a bar in Carrer d’Indalecio Prieto says he’s doing everything he can to stay afloat.

“I have two bills for 1,200 and 1,300 euros to pay," he says. "Before, we were a staff of six, now we are just three. I have abolished the kitchen service because now no-one wants food, so we serve coffee and we just do the bare minimum."

Some residents have accepted that the new rules are necessary, but others are really worried about making ends meet.

“The measures seem good to me if they serve to stop the pandemic," says Antonio. "They don't affect me too much because I am a pensioner. There will be some people who will respect the rules and others who will not."

People are going to starve. They need to get out of here to earn a living,” argues Samir.

In Son Canals, some locals are still not sure exactly what's allowed and what's not during the isolation period.

“Many people will not understand," says hairdresser Esther. "What will happen to my clients, can't they come?”

The answer is yes, but only if they are from the same neighbourhood.

“They should have applied the isolation rules better before," says Son Canals resident, Vanessa, who also claims "there are zero police in this area."

“It's the right thing to do," says Can Capes resident, Francisco Sastre. "This situation must be controlled as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get out of hand."

“The measures are not pleasant,” says La Soledat Nord resident, Teresa.

Pedro Mas and his friend Juan García usually go out walking in La Soledat Nord, but Juan lives outside the area so they won’t be able to meet again for at least two weeks.

This is a disaster, they have completely abandoned us in La Soledat,” says Pedro Mas who’s lived in the area for nearly 60 years. “It’s the authorities fault that we are back in confinement.”

The isolation rules in Son Gotleu, Son Canals, Can Capes and La Soledad Nord will be in force from 22:00 on Friday and last for two weeks.


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