Dr. Javier Arranz.

10-09-2020Teresa Ayuga

Javier Arranz, the spokesperson for the regional committee for infectious diseases, expressed his concern on Thursday about the increase in hospital admissions of patients with Covid-19.

Arranz said that although positive cases are not increasing exponentially, there is concern about the admissions. He noted that admissions to intensive care have moderated slightly but warned that "the curve is rising slowly".

The time spent in hospital, he explained, has come down. During the first wave of the pandemic, the average time in intensive care was 25 days, while it was 12.5 days on a ward. The averages are now 16 days and 6.5 days respectively. The lower average age of patients and the availability of more drugs to treat the virus are probable explanations.

On Thursday, the health ministry reported 325 new positive cases. The number of patients in hospitals in the Balearics was down seven to 397, but with 58 patients in intensive care, one more than on Wednesday.

Given the situation, Arranz appealed to the public to comply with safety measures and regulations, as this is the only way to lower the curve.


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Juan love / Hace about 1 year

If you can't see the obvious difference by now, then you have no hope whatsoever.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Let's abandon all cars, as they cause accidents and increase hospital admissions, not to mentioned the polution and bad air quality. And close McDonnalds, Burger King and KFC and Pizza Hut and close down all chocolate, sugary drinks companies and sausage makers, as they cause obesity, which kills a multitude of people compared to covid-19. And alcohol! Prohibition mark II. Saves hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives world wide. Etc. I just get on with my own life in the mean time.