EMT threatening to strike indefinitely.

EMT threatening to strike indefinitely.

11-09-2020Pere Bota

EMT Union Representatives have been called back to the negotiating table on Monday to hammer out a deal and avoid an indefinite strike.

Company management has never risen from the table and maintains its will to continue negotiating,” said Francesc Dalmau, Councillor for Mobility and President of the Municipal Transport Company, or EMT who has also asked Union Reps to call off Monday’s 24-hour strike.

"It is not a condition for the meeting, but if we are going to sit down and reactivate dialogue, there is no justification for leaving people without public transport on Monday and I hope they will call off the strike and sit down to negotiate,” he said.

The EMT Strike Committee criticised what it called “the arrogance of the Company's Management” and denounced the fact that Police are preventing them from entering the facilities.

"The complaint filed yesterday before the Court of Guard Instruction was clearly not enough for them, so we'll file a new complaint today for the violation of our Constitutional and Trade Union rights,” they said.

The Unions have accused EMT of trying to deceive the Strike Committee and breaking agreements that had already been signed off.

"Relations between the Strike Committee and EMT Management are becoming more tense every day and after what’s happened in the last two days they cannot pretend to be cordial", they said.

EMT workers have been summoned to the garages at 05:00 on Monday and will head to Plaza de Cort at 12:00 noon, to inform Palma Mayor, José Hila of the malaise and anger over his nefarious and negligent attitude during this conflict.”

EMT workers took partial strike action on September 7, 9 and 11 and an indefinite walk out is scheduled to begin at 00.00 on September 14.


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