Non-urgent operations put on hold.

Non-urgent operations put on hold.


The restrictions that were in place at public hospitals in the Balearic Islands during the State of Emergency are being put back in place, which means urgent and oncological operations will go ahead, but the rest are on hold.

It’s disappointing news for people who’ve been waiting a long time for operations that were delayed because of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the latest data, waiting lists increased by 90% in July compared to last year.

Many procedures require patients to occupy hospital beds for a few days, but the Ministry of Health says the priority now is to keep critical beds free because of the rebound in seriously ill Covid-19 patients.

Internal sources at Son Espases Hospital insist that urgent and oncological operations which are performed in 30 day cycles will continue, but outpatients will be referred to the Verge de a Salut Hospital which is reopening its operating rooms and there is a possibility that other operations will be performed.

"Depending on the resources we have available, operating rooms may be opened so that other types of surgeries can be performed," explained internal sources at Son Espases Hospital.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Everything has to make way for possible covid-19 patients. No matter what the cost. I know of people being in discomfort and pain for months, as they cannot be operated and now they can just suffer a bit more in silence. This health ministery is a joke. This government is a joke and this corono madness has to stop.