Specific information about infections in schools will not be reported. | Ultima Hora


The Department of Education, University & Research has decided not to report specific coronavirus cases in schools and will not name the schools and Institutes affected or supply information about the positive cases or quarantine of teachers, students, administration and services staff.

Every Monday, the Governing Council will announce the number of students and teachers who have tested positive and the number of Centres affected but won’t identify any of them. The data will be updated every week by the Governing Council.

Specific cases will only be reported if the situation is more serious than quarantining students or replacing teachers or if an outbreak of three or more infections forces the partial or total closure of a school.

On Thursday, Primary 1 and 2 classes were cancelled at Santa Gertrudis Public School in Ibiza after a teacher tested positive for Covid-19 and 9 pupils were quarantined.

Schools will remain open in the four Palma neighbourhoods under lockdown as long as there are no outbreaks.


The Ministry of Education has changed the Covid-19 data accounting system again, taking the number of PCR tests in the last 24 hours as a reference and will also report the total number of active cases treated by the Health Service, including those who have overcome the virus.