Plaza de Toros, Palma.

Plaza de Toros, Palma.

15-09-2020M. À. Cañellas

There’s unease, doubt and confusion in Arquitecte Bennàssar which goes back under lockdown at 22:00 on Friday.

Around 30,000 people live in the area which includes Son Oliva, Plaça de Toros and part Son Canals.

On Tuesday a quarter of the calls answered by Medical staff at the Architect Bennàssar Health Centre were about coronavirus.

"This morning we attended to about 400 people, between calls and face-to-face appointments and 78 of them were Covid related,” says Maria Antònia Jaume, Health Centre Coordinator. “We have many cases of immigrants who live in crowded conditions and hold big family celebrations. In the second wave and during the holidays we have been very short of staff.”

Some local residents have been expecting the President of the Government to tighten restrictions in the area.

“It’s no wonder they confined us, many people don’t take precautions and of course I will comply with the lockdown,'' says Marcos Mayol.

“I don't know how I'm going to cope,” says Pasodoble bar owner, Francisco Triviño, “they didn’t give me the ICO credit; I have nine workers and this is the last straw.”

We will have to close at 22:00 and adapt again,” says Rubén Triviño as he sprays the tables with hydro-alcoholic gel. “We have not had any cases here.”

Colegio Pius XII, Palma.

At Colegio Pius XII, parents, grandparents and child minders wait for children to come out of class.

"We are not surprised at all," says one father.

“We were really eager to get back to school,” adds Natalia Blanes. “We are afraid of contagion, but you have to go on living."

News of the lockdown spread through the city at breakneck speed and in Plaza del Obelisco it was the only thing that local fruit vendors and their customers were talking about.

“There are people here with brains and common sense, but in the end we all pay,” said Emilia.

Areas of Sant Antoni and Ibiza Town with the highest rates of coronavirus infection are also being put back in lockdown.



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