Scooter users sanctioned in Palma.

Scooter users sanctioned in Palma.

09-09-2020Policía Local de Palma

Palma Police are cracking down on electric scooter users and from September 3-9 they sanctioned at least 100 personal mobility vehicle or VMP users.

Controls are being carried out on several roads in the city to check that scooter users are complying with the Municipal Ordinances for electric scooters in the VMP category.

73 of the sanctions were issued for riding scooters on pavements and other pedestrian areas, 21 for driving on roads intended for vehicles and another 6 people were sanctioned for not wearing a face mask in a public space.


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MARC / Hace about 1 year

So they cant use scooters on the roads nor the pedestrian sidewalks. I assume bike lanes is OK, what happens when (as is always the case) the bike lane runs out?


Colin Allcars / Hace about 1 year

Good. It’s about time. These things are a bloody nuisance and a danger to everyone.

They are uninsured, and if they hit a small child or old person could seriously injure or kill them.

Let’s see the other islands take charge of this problem.