Nicholas Woods offering reward for lost Rolex.

Nicholas Woods offering reward for lost Rolex.

16-09-2020M. À. Cañellas

Social media networks are overflowing with hilarious stories about the ridiculous things that young children get up to, but sometimes their innocent actions are not so funny.

New York Artist, Nicholas Woods has a long connection with Majorca and 8 years ago he moved to Palma.

His Dad, Kevin Woods was a lifelong fan of the Island and eventually retired here in 2014 and his grandfather, Daniel Woods, who was an archaeologist with the Bryan Foundation, was in charge of the excavations at the Roman town of Pollentia in Alcudia.

"As a child, I went digging with my grandfather and I just loved Majorca," says Nicholas. ”I’ve spent my life shuttling between the USA and Spain and 8 years ago I moved here permanently. I have always felt a deep connection with Majorca and because of my grandfather the whole family has worked on the excavations.”

On Friday, September 11, Nicholas’ 3-year-old son threw his Rolex Date watch out of the window in the vicinity of Carrer del 31 de Desembre in Palma. Nicholas rushed downstairs but there was no sign of his watch anywhere in the busy street.

The Rolex was a precious gift from his father who died in 2017 and Nicholas is offering a reward of €2,500 to get it back.

"The reward is very high. I don't know what the watch is worth because it’s damaged, but it’s very important to me,” says Nicholas. “It was given to my father 40 years ago by his best friend, who was Majorcan and had known my father since he first came to the Island on holiday as a young man.”

Nicholas has plastered every lamppost in his neighbourhood with posters in the hope that someone has found his watch.


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Visionist / Hace about 1 year

If I were the father that kid would be going to bed without supper for a month.