Plaza del Obelisco, Palma.

Plaza del Obelisco, Palma.

17-09-2020M. À. Cañellas

The coronavirus lockdown borders in Palma are causing a mountain of confusion, especially in the Arxiduc neighbourhood.

At Mercadona in Plaza del Obelisco the door that leads to Plaça del Cardinal Reig is outside the confinement area, but the entry from Carrer de Pablo Iglesias is inside it.

"People have to go shopping,” says a store employee. “We are a necessary service so I imagine that everyone will be able to come in and we can't ask for identification from every customer.”

“It’s incredible, you don't even know what to do anymore," says a pensioner.

Part of Carrer de Pablo Iglesias is in the so-called 'Covid Hot Zone' and part of it is not, so the Adalt craft brewery which is inside the zone has come up with a Plan B.

"We have created a pack of beers with free home delivery," says Sebastià Barceló, who moved to the area from Bunyola 10 days ago. "We make beer and we will try to sell it to other bars.”

"I'm angry, I won't be able to serve dinners and eleven families depend on it and I will still have to do an ERTE, says Ramón Sánchez, owner of Venice Bar.

Rafael Bartel at Fit Project gym in Carrer de Jaume Balmes admitted that he had no idea where the lockdown limit was.

“I didn't know if we were inside or outside and I found out through the media that we will have to close,” he says.

The Ribes & Casals fabric store, which is outside the confinement zone has become a popular haunt for people buying material to make face masks.

"5 percent of our sales is material for face masks and the rest is for fabrics for the home, says Óscar Otero. “People are making a lot of home improvements.”


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