Dr. Javier Arranz

Dr. Javier Arranz speaking on Friday.


Dr. Javier Arranz, the spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, said on Friday that the weekly number of positive cases at the health centre in Son Gotleu, Palma, has fallen from 66 to 44. The decrease is since the introduction of restrictions in Son Gotleu.

The rate of positive cases, which was around 13 to 14 per cent, is now ten per cent. Arranz suggested that this wasn't just because of the restrictions. Home visits are having an influence. In one instance, health officials found six people in a property who were living with someone who was positive but who had not undergone a test.

Public health inspectors have also been visiting bars, restaurants and shops. In the case of shops, the inspectors have found they are now doing things "well"; the bars and restaurants less so, as there is "more interaction".

Arranz also highlighted the information points which have been set up. These are active two days a week and are staffed by nurses and town hall personnel. On Thursday, he said, 120 people went to one of these points and were given information about the pandemic and the wearing of masks.

"Community actions are important, and so the results go beyond the restrictions. Without this community support, the restrictions would fall short."

He added that this coming week "it will be necessary to see if the trends continue and if a decision needs to be taken to extend the restrictions by a further week." Arranz noted that changing the limitations could be another possibility. The data for the first week "seem optimistic", but decisions will depend on next week's data.


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