Schools in Mallorca and coronavirus

On the first day of school last week.

10-09-2020Jaume Morey

Dr. Javier Arranz has advised parents to avoid concentrating at school gates when they take children to school and collect them. Children, he noted, are in "a very safe environment", when they go to school. Breaking safety measures when they come out of school "is not the best message". "They need to see that there is coherence."

He advised against children being "outside schools for half an hour because parents want to talk to other parents". "Small crowds outside schools are not good", given the current situation with the pandemic.


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Christian Goodin / Hace about 1 year

Does he actually know what he’s talking about or did that silly comment just pop into his head!! Dropping off and picking up kids has always been a close quarter mess in Spain. Try coming up with a decent solution before labelling parents. Also making friends go into different classes just makes the system stupid. Do they think they won’t mingle outside school!! Dream world some line I’m.