EMT workers on indefinite strike in Palma.

EMT workers on indefinite strike in Palma.

21-09-2020Ultima Hora

EMT workers in Palma brought traffic in Plaça de España to a standstill on Monday during a protest to demand the immediate resignation of Palma Mayor José Hila and Mobility Councillor Francesc Dalmau.

“We are asking for the resignation of the Mayor because he is not capable of managing this conflict. There is no way to unblock it and he hasn’t even contacted us,” said Strike Committee Spokesman, Juan Antonio Salamanca.

After paralysing traffic in Plaza de España, the protesters marched to the EMT Customer Service office, on Carrer de Josep Anselm Clavé in Palma.

"We are open to meeting at any time, whenever they tell us they’re ready, but they haven't told us anything," claims Salamanca, who also warned "none of our demands have been met."

Earlier on Monday at least 90 pickets shouted insults and banged on the windows of a bus as it was leaving the EMT garage.

Negotiations between EMT Management and Strike Committee members on Sunday ended abruptly when Union Representatives walked out after just 15 minutes branding EMT's proposals “ridiculous”.

EMT claims the Strike Committee left without giving Management the opportunity to try to resolve the conflict and Mobility Councillor, Francesc Dalmau criticised what he called the Union's lack of will for dialogue.

Mayor Hila says this is not the time for strikes and demands.

“During the State of Emergency we made sure wages were paid, which I don’t think happened during previous crises, so we do not understand this line of asking for more and more during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

EMT and the Strike Committee are scheduled to resume negotiations on Monday.


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