DNA sampling for Mallorca Civil War victims

The DNA protocol for the remains found in Manacor started on Saturday.

21-09-2020Govern de les Illes Balears

Relatives of 67 victims of Franco's Civil War repression who may have been buried in a communal grave at the Son Coletes cemetery in Manacor are taking part in a DNA protocol to try and identify the remains of eighteen bodies which have been found.

Three technicians from ATICS, a specialist company from Mataró (Barcelona), started taking samples and conducting interviews on Saturday. The work will continue this week. The relatives are from all over Majorca. They have either contacted the Balearic government's directorate for democratic memory or have been approached by the Son Coletes committee or the Majorca Memory association.

Geneticists and anthropologists are developing a specific DNA information database for the Son Coletes grave, an essential tool for cross-referencing samples extracted from the remains of the eighteen bodies. As well as comparing genetic data, the protocol involves the development of genealogical trees and the collection of physical data for each victim, such as medical and clinical history.

The government's directorate has been arranging appointments for families so that the ATICS personnel can gather the samples and the information they need. The families are being asked to provide photographs and personal items of the victims, if they have these.

Genetic material and DNA samples will be analysed in laboratories at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Pompeu Fabra University (also in Barcelona).


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