Coronavirus testing in Son Gotleu, Palma.

Coronavirus testing in Son Gotleu, Palma.

22-09-2020M. À. Cañellas

There have been no new Covid-19 cases in Son Gotleu for five days in a row and the rate of infection has dropped from 13% to 6.99%.

According to data provided by Health Minister Patricia Gómez, the cumulative incidence of coronavirus has decreased from 294 to 145 cases per 100,000 inhabitants after the first full week of confinement.

The data was provided by the Health & Consumption Minister, Patricia Gómez, who told Parliament another report will be published after the second week of lockdown in Son Gotleu and highlighted the effectiveness of the restrictions and community intervention in Palma neighbourhoods.

“No-one has been diagnosed with coronavirus symptoms in ​​Son Gotleu since September 17,” she said, detailing that two people tested positive on September 15, two on September 16 and two on September 17.

“This data makes it clear that we must continue working with people in these areas, raising awareness amongst the population and providing social support because it’s proving to be very effective,” said Minister Gomez who also addressed the situation in schools.

"The beginning of the new school year has been exemplary in the Balearic Islands and students who have tested positive for coronavirus were not infected in schools,” she said.

She revealed that 47 centres have been screened and 281 positives were detected and pointed out said 109 positive cases have been confirmed via the Radar-covid App.


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