Son Gotleu, Palma, Mallorca

Tougher measures were introduced in the Son Gotleu health area two weeks ago.


The spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, Dr. Javier Arranz, announced on Thursday that mobility restrictions are to be eased in the Son Gotleu health area of Palma.

Arranz said that data are still being analysed, and a final decision as to the nature of the easing has yet to be made. Removing all restrictions at once, he observed, would not be good, "but the strictest ones can be modified or removed" in a progressive return to the new normal.

He indicated that the mobility restrictions, being unable to enter or exit the area without good reason, are the toughest for day-to-day life. A definitive decision is to be made on Friday, but it would appear that these restrictions will be lifted while others, e.g. limiting social gatherings to five people, will remain in place for the time being. The modifications will take effect on Saturday and will apply to the whole of the Son Gotleu health area - Son Gotleu itself, Can Capes, La Soledat Nord and part of Son Canals.

Speaking more generally, Arranz explained that, with the exception of Ibiza, the data are improving. In Majorca, the situation has stabilised, while Minorca is in the best situation. The number of positive tests per day has dropped from 213 to 140 over the past week and the positive test rate has come down from around nine per cent to five per cent. The accumulated incidence in Majorca over the past seven days is 5.03%. In the rest of the Balearics, it is 1.46% in Minorca, 5.94% in Formentera and 10.5% in Ibiza.

Arranz expressed concern at the fact that patients in intensive care are staying longer. Patients on wards are, however, being discharged more quickly. He was also concerned that some ICU beds are closed because of a lack of personnel. "It will be necessary to implement contingency plans in some hospitals." The health ministry will be doing everything it can to reduce the workload of ICU personnel.


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