Restaurateurs may get aid from Palma City Council.

Restaurateurs may get aid from Palma City Council.

24-09-2020Ultima Hora

Palma City Council is studying a global plan of new aid for restaurateurs and other businessmen for 2021, which may include some type of exemption, or reduced terrace fee payment as well as the possibility of continuing to use parking spaces.

The plan was announced by Finance Councillor Adrián García during a debate over a PP proposal to reduce the IBI for self-employed and small and medium-sized businesses in 2021 and extend the tax exemption. Both measures were supported by Cs and Vox.

"It is already on the table and being studied along with a global plan that includes other initiatives which have already been adopted such as the successful occupation of parking spaces,” said Councillor García, who objected to PP's proposal to reduce the IBI.

Taxes such as the IBI help those who need it most and Palma City Council's job is to raise that money and distribute it amongst those most in need,” he said. “We are already helping the self-employed and small and medium-sized business owners, whether or not they are property owners, with the help of PalmaActiva and many thousands of euros have been activated. What the PP wants is to reduce taxes for large hoteliers and cause a reduction in spending to prevent aid being granted."

Mayor Julio Martínez insisted that the Municipal budget can support the measures saying, “it is a matter of priorities" and brought up the three million euros being allocated to the creation of the civic axis of Nuredduna.

Palma City Council could lower taxes by reducing other expenses, such as duplications, advertising, protocol or new civic axes," said the Ciudadanos.

Vox insisted that “the Pact must be more responsible and support a Sector that generates, or generated, 88% of the city's wealth.


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