Police raid nightlife venues in Palma. | Ultima Hora

Local and National Police issued 142 sanctions during inspections at 39 nightlife establishments in Santa Catalina, Son Gotleu, La Soledat, Plaça Gomila, Palma old town and Platja de Palma over the weekend.

Most of the sanctions were issued for breaching excess capacity, exceeding opening hours, playing loud music, drug possession or lack of documentation.

The operation, to eradicate drug trafficking and ensure compliance with health and security protocols, was directed by Deputy Inspector Manuel Gallardo, Head of "Grupo Alazán" and had the support of various Citizen Security Brigade units.


During the raids, Police noticed two suspicious individuals who appeared to be conducting some kind of transaction on the corner of Carrer de Pursiana and Carrer Compte de Barcelona.

When they separated, the Police Officers intercepted them. A 40-year-old Swedish man was arrested after three bags of cocaine were allegedly found in his pockets.

The other man, who lives in Son Goleu, allegedly had 120 euros and two mobile phones and has been charged with alleged drug trafficking.

Police raid nightlife venues in Palma.