Francina Armengol, President of the Balearic Government.

Francina Armengol, President of the Balearic Government.

29-09-2020Pere Bota

President Francina Armengol says she has no objections to an external audit to analyse the management of the Covid-19 crisis, by both State and Regional Governments.

"There is no problem" President Armengol told Ciudadanos Patricia Guasp at the opening of the plenary session on Tuesday.

"This Government would be willing to submit to it because it trusts in its management, that decision making has been made based on technical and epidemiological criteria and trusts in the Health System, for which 2,300 professionals have been hired, 900 extra were added during the crisis along with extra trackers,” said President Armengol, who admitted that "things can always be done better."

Guasp initially asked her about the request made to the State Government by different experts, including the Majorcan Scientist Joan Carles March.

President Armengol said she agreed and added that she would also analyse the management in the Balearic Islands.

During the session, several questions were raised about the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly about Nursing Homes for the elderly. The plenary validated the decree that gives facilities to companies to “boost economic activity.”


The debate focused on technical issues, which divided Government parties, but their political differences were resolved during the process and the text arrived quite trite despite the fact that hundreds of amendments were maintained.

The fundamental thing is that hotels will be able to expand places but not through the original formula, they will have to wait for a licence to be granted.

Expansion will be limited to 10%, not 15% as originally planned and the streamlining of measures affects other Sectors.

During the plenary session, the PP Leader also brought up the issue of squatters, demanding that new measures be adopted.


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