Motorists slam motorbike rider in Palma. | Youtube: Ultima Hora

Drivers who were on the Via de Cintura in Palma at around 12:50 on Tuesday couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a man on a motorbike in the righthand lane of the Ma-20 towards Palma, with a minor on the back with no helmet on.

Some road users videoed the incident and others reportedly shouted and gestured at the man on the motorbike.

A helmet is mandatory for all motorbike riders and passengers and not wearing one is a serious infraction of article 65.4 h of the Traffic, Motor Vehicle Traffic & Road Safety Law and according to article 67 breaking the law is punishable by a fine of around 200 euros.

The drivers on the Via de Cintura reprimanded the man on the motorbike for his reckless behaviour.

"She was a young girl carrying a school backpack, the fine is the least they should face, if they have an accident that girl will end up dead,” said a witness who recorded the infraction.

Video of the incident has been forwarded to the Guardia Civil Traffic Group.